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GREEN SOCIALISM-Is it a good idea?

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Green socialism (or ecosocialism) is slowly taking hold both inside and outside of Green parties. I saw Angela Davis speak at the London Women’s conference last week, and she said she will be voting Green in the US presidential election (I am told that she is a member of the US Green party). In the English Green party an group has formed called Green Left and I hear that Socialist Resistance (part of Celebrity Respect) have taken on board the writings of Joel Kovel, and call themselves ecosocialists. There was a recent meeting of Ecosocialism International in Paris, with representatives from many countries attending.Socialism needs to be ecocentric. Ecosocialist writers such as Kovel have identified capitalism’s ecodestructiveness as the second contradiction of capital, i.e. growth is finite due resources being so, and if the system continues, we are all f*cked. It seems to me that avoiding ecological destruction is impossible under a regime of capital. Which doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t press for a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions now, rather like Trotsky’s ‘transitional demands’ (Trotsky was not green at all).From a pragmatic point of view, all the electoral space (certainly in the UK) is on the left, so it makes sense for Green parties to move over to fill the void

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All the neo liberal parties (and I include NuLab in that) are aware that green issues, particularly concern over climate change, are becoming fashionable. So they develope 'greenwash' policies and the same can be said of their chums in big business, like BP having a flower as a logo. But their intention is not to be really green, but to make money out appearing to be green. The govt will raise green taxes, which will adversely affect the poorest most. The Lib Dems want to reduce income tax, and replace it with green taxes, again hitting the poorest most.We can see this clearly in the idea of carbon trading. The city institutions aim to make a fortune out of trading emissions permits. But this is like putting the lunatics in charge of the asylum, as these people have got us into this situation, so who can trust them to solve the problem?

Socialists and Greens have a common enemy - capital.

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