Saturday, 4 April 2009


This week Aviva announced another 1,100 job losses in the UK with 571 at its York offices, 15% of the York workforce. This huge wave of job losses is the latest in what has become regular occurrence at York with now over 1500 jobs cuts since 2006.

Green Party Trade Union Group North East spokesperson Andrew Collingwood stated 'There is absolutely no excuse for the continuing waves of jobs cuts. The dedicated staff at York have helped build Aviva and make it the success it is today with its annually increasing profits. Instead of praise and job security for their contributions they face the constant threat of redundancy, while Aviva continues to reward its shareholders and waste money on re branding and expensive celebrity advertising campaigns'.

Andy Chase, Green Parliamentary Candidate for York Central, said: "This is bad news for York's economy and terrible news for Aviva employees when the company is spending a large amount of money on advertising and re branding itself."

"Concerted government action is now needed to help people in those areas hit hardest by job losses. There is much work that can be done to create employment and stimulate the economy. As well as supporting local businesses directly, there are also many other useful tasks, such as getting the housing stock in better shape. The government now needs to get in touch with local authorities and find ways of making this happen."

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