Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Proiratisation ballot ( amessage from the Co-convenor)

Dear all,

The Steering Group met last night to consider motions to conference, amendments and the prioritisation ballot. We do not have objections to the vast majority of conference motions this time but we are going to submit amendments to two – more on this anon.

However, we believe that certain motions should be strongly supported in order to increase their chances of being debated at conference. It is an individual’s choice whether they wish to follow our recommendations or not but we are recommending GL members to support the following motions. Remember that you can only vote to prioritise 3 Policy motions and 3 Organisational motions.

C25 – Public ownership of ports and airports. Proposed by Sean Thompson and some of the transport experts and a good economics motion.

C27 - Withdrawal from Afghanistan. This is a GL motion and we will have a fringe on the issue.

C33 – National Rape Crisis Hotline. A motion calling for 24/7 support for crisis hotlines for women suffering rape and sexual harassment. We believe that it is a very worthwhile motion and should also fit in with GL’s commitment to equality and social justice for women.

D55 – A motion calling for transparency with GPEx papers and agendas and for all matters pertaining to GPEx to be on members website etc. We believe to be in keeping with GL’s commitment to openness and informed, democratic membership.

D56 – Cornwall and the Green Islands Network. Motion calling for the Cornish Green Party to be given its rightful place in the body representing Green parties in these islands. In line with GL’s commitment to subsidiarity and national and regional autonomy in the UK.

D53 - A motion calling for decisions to amend the constitution which have been passed by referendum to be also only annulled by another referendum. A logical democratic motion and which would see the wishes of all of the membership of the party respected in major constitutional decisions decided by referendum. Also flags up GL’s commitment to party democracy.

Green party members can vote in this ballot by accessing the members website via the main party website. This requires a password and username circulated in Green activist or which may be obtainable by contacting gp head office.

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