Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Support all out strike at Tower Hamlets college

Subject: VERY URGENT- Support all out strike at Tower Hamlets college
Reply-To: people-before-private-profit@googlegroups.com

UCU has been involved in a massive campaign against 40 full time staff redundancies. There have been many amazing things in this dispute

We now face 13 lecturers facing compulsory redundancy. We are now on all out strike since Thursday of last week. This is the first all out strike in further education for 12 years. We are not just fighting to stop the job cuts but also to defend courses for students and to stop our new Principal smashing the UCU.

We know that after the General Election there are going to be massive cuts in the public sector. Our strike is very important as if we win it send a message of hope to every UCU member in every college and univeristy in Britian that you can foight bakc. If we lose every Principal and Vice Chancellor will be planning more attacks on our conditions and on provision for students.

Money is ABSOLUTELY KEY AND we need it URGENTLY. We will be on strike on Tuesday and until we stop the compulsory redundancies. Please act urgently and pass this message to people you know.


Ian Crosson
UCU membership sec
Poplar site
Tower hamlets College
07811 255 261
020 8690 3038

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