Thursday, 7 January 2010

Women and the crisis: London Socialist Resistance MEETING:Wednesday 20 January, 7.30pm

London Socialist Resistance MEETING:Wednesday 20 January, 7.30pm
Indian YMCA, Fitzroy Sq. W1 (Warren St. tube)

Women and the crisis
Speaker: Terry Conway (Socialist Resistance)

Today we face an economic, ecological, social and political crisis of unparalleled proportions. This meeting will examine the crisis from women’s point of view.

Women were already at the bottom of the pile - so feel the effects of new disasters most acutely.

Women’s subordinate place within the labour market and within society, even after the gains made by the women’s liberation movement, reflect the sexual division of labour within the family. The family continues to reproduce notions that women are inherently inferior to men - or have destinies only as care givers - a particularly important notion as all the main parties push for public spending cuts.

Women are often at the forefront on resistance - as climate change activists, as trade union activists, as anti-imperialists - but the left has to make the fight for women's liberation more central to what it says and does.

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