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August 2010

Dear NHS Supporter
It sounds alarming, but the future of our health service really does hang in the balance. Concern is both widespread and growing, but we still urgently need to raise greater public awareness. Read our short article that explains without jargon what the dangers are for our NHS.

We want to bring the public together with NHS staff to oppose the harmful proposals in the new NHS White Paper and are working with NHS staff unions on ways to campaign against it. As a first step, supported by UNISON and UNITE, we are launching a national petition for the public and NHS staff to show their concern. We are also approaching a range of other organisations and individuals for their support. You can help by adding your name to the petition and asking your friends and family to add their names too (see below).

We have also been talking to journalists and raised our concerns in the national media. We are maintaining this contact and working to make sure that concern about the White Paper remains prominent in the news.

1. Sign our national e-petition
Please sign up to our joint statement. You can really help by circulating it to friends and family as this raises awareness about the impact of the White Paper and brings together all those who are concerned about it. Also ask organisations to which you belong to lend their support too.

2. Spread the word

Here are just a few ideas. Firstly you could write to your MP or, better still, attend one of their local surgeries and ask them to contact Health Secretary Andrew Lansley about your concerns. This will help as politicians rely on their postbag and their constituency meetings to tell them which issues the public really care about. You could also write to your local paper - the letters page is widely read! You could ask politicians, health staff or local celebrities to co-sign your letter, making it become local news in its own right. More help and ideas are available on our website.

3. Make a donation
Our recent report revealed the true extent of GP privatisation that has already taken place - something which many patients were unaware of. To help us continue investigating the hidden dismantling of the NHS, and to campaign and communicate critical issues to the media and wider public, we rely on the generous help of NHS supporters.
Further campaign updates will be coming shortly - along with a downloadable campaign leaflet. Our plans also include a big effort to make all our MPs understand that the White Paper is a fundamental threat to the future of the NHS if nothing is done to stop it. Further background on the White Paper is available on our website, including the critical views of a wide range of commentators and resources to help you contact your MP or local paper.

Your help and support for our campaign is very much appreciated.

With thanks,

Paul Evans, Director

NHS Support Federation
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