Thursday, 11 November 2010

Manchester University Students Occupy against the cuts

Just had a (brief) phone call from Gayle O'Donovan who is currently occupying the Finance offices at Manchester University, along with about 60 others. (Chris Cotton)

Manchester University Students Occupy against the cuts
Statement from students in occupation at Manchester University:

“Students at Manchester Univeristy have peacefully occupied the John Owens Building and are lobbying the finance board over the Coalition’s attacks on higher education.

“We are demanding that the University opens its books so that we know where the cuts will fall, how many voluntary redundancies have already been made and to highlight the fact that the vice Chancellor is paid 20 times the average salary. The financial director has denied any cuts are planned, despite the fact that voluntary redundancies have been announced and the combined studies department has already been cut.

“We are here to support lecturers and administrative staff who will be losing their jobs. To oppose the rise in tuition fees that will price out most working class students. And to oppose the privatisation of our Universities.”

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