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The campaign
We have now reached crunch time. The council budgets are being set, redundancy notices sent out, services stopped or sold off, grants cut and the NHS destroyed. We must make an all-out effort to show that the majority of people in and around Bristol oppose this. A lot of BADACA group meetings have been organised; lots of leafleting will be done in the next two weeks. Please help out.

Demonstration 19 February

Assemble - 11.00am Castle Park
March to College Green for rally at 12.00pm

We need:

Several thousand people on it - bring yourself, your friends, family and neighbours, workmates and members of any organisation you belong to
Leaflets giving out to advertise it - see below

Banners and placards
Trade union branches and community organisations to support. Please make sujre yours does.

60 stewards - if you are willing to do this please reply to this e-mail. It involves traffic management along the route, taking a bucket collection and helping to clear up at the end.
To have an impact and show the strength of opposition to the cuts, this demonstration must be big


Thursday 10 February        8.00am        Temple Meads

Friday      11 February       9.30 - 11.30am      BRI

Saturday  12 February       12.00 - 2.00pm     Mass leafleting and stall in and around Broadmead - we need at least 20 people

Monday   14 February        4.30 - 6.00pm       Meet at the bus station for leafleting at bus stops around the city centre

Tuesday  15 February        12.00 - 2.00pm     Broadmead - meet in the centre of Broadmead for leafleting at various points

There are others in suburban shopping areas. For information contact Jeremy Clarke -


Monday  7 February        12.00 - 2.00pm     Demonstration against cuts in legal aid           Queens Square
                                   7.30pm               BADACA East Bristol (Fishponds) group           Crosskeys pub, Fishponds Road

Tuesday 8 February        6.00pm                BADACA health group                                   Bristol County Sports Club, Colston St.
                                  7.00pm                BADACA Communications group                      Watershed

Wednesday 9 February    7.00pm               BADACA Youth Group                                    Bristol County Sports Club, Colston St.
                                  7.30pm                BADACA Voluntary / Community Sector Group   Shakespeare, Victoria St.

Thursday 10 February                              UCU, UWE strike                                          UWE St Matthias and Frenchay
                                  2.00pm                BADACA Easton Group                                   Easton Community Centre, Kilburn St, Easton

Friday  11 February        5.30pm                BADACA Steering Committee                           Council House

Saturday 12 February                              Leafleting

TUC demonstration - March 26th

There will be lots of coaches going from in and around Bristol to this event. Many have been booked by trade unions with priority being given to their members but BADACA will ensure that there is affordable transport to the demonstration available to all. Further details will be sent out when arrangements are clearer.

The South West TUC is co-ordinating transport from this area.

If you are booking coaches please inform Nigel Costley, SW TUC Secretary -

If you want to find out where coaches are going from, see There is not much on there at the moment but it will presumably build up. Do not leave booking a place until the last minute or try to

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