From Socialist Resistance :(via Romayne Phoenix)

Free the Russian democracy activists!

Free all members of Pussy Riot!

End the Repression!

London Protest:  
Thursday 29 November, 6pm,
 opposite Russian Embassy, 
north side of Bayswater Road, corner of Ossington St  (Notting Hill Gate or Queensway tubes)
The show trial of the band Pussy Riot was just the beginning. Putin's government is engaged in a brutal crackdown on the whole democratic and left movement in Russia.

Still smarting from the success of the pro-democracy demonstration in Moscow on May 6th, the Russian state has been hunting down those accused of taking part in the 'disturbances'. 

Among those arrested so far are:
⁃ Vladimir Akimenkov, 25, communist and activist of the Left Front. Arrested on June 10th, 2012, he will be in detention until March 6th 2013. Vladimir was born with poor eyesight. In jail, it is getting even worse. In the last examination, he had 10% vision in one eye, and 20% in the other. This, however, was not a good enough reason for the court to replace detention with house arrest. At the last court session of the court, the judge cynically commented that only total blindness would make him reconsider his decision.

⁃ Michael Kosenko, 36, no political affiliation, arrested on June 8th. Kosenko, who suffers from psychological disorders, also asked for his stay in jail be replaced with house arrest. However, the court declared him “dangerous to society” and plans to send him for forced treatment.

⁃ Stepan Zimin, 20, anarchist and antifascist, arrested on June 8th and placed under detention until March 6th 2013, after which date his arrest can be extended. Stepan supports his single mother, yet the court did not consider this sufficient cause to set him free under the obligation to remain within the city limits.
⁃ Nikolai Kavkazskii, 26, socialist, human rights activist and LGBT activist. Detained on the 25th of July.
On October 17th, Left Front activists Konstantin Lebedev and Sergei Udaltsov were arrested. Udaltsov was released after having signed an oath to remain within the limits of Moscow. On October 19th, a third participant in the new “affair,” Left Front member Leonid Razvozhaev, tried to petition for refugee status with the Ukrainian delegation of the UN.  He was forcibly abducted in the Ukraine and brought back to Russia, where, under torture, he was made to sign a statement implicating Lebedev, Udaltsov and others in an alleged armed plot against the state.  Razvozhaev is still in jail, but has retracted his 'confession'. 

Two members of the band Pussy Riot meanwhile remain in prison, under extremely harsh conditions - Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova.

We call for the immediate release of all the imprisoned and detained activists, whose only crime is their opposition to a corrupt, undemocratic and brutal government.