Monday, 17 June 2013

BRIGHTON AND HOVE: An open letter from concerned Green Party members


 Dear Jason Kitcat

We are fellow members of the Green Party from all over the country who have been watching events in Brighton & Hove with growing concern. We have watched as you persuaded Green Councillors to vote with Tories to hand over control of negotiations on council workers’ pay and conditions to senior officers. We have watched while very modestly paid workers in CityClean, doing hard and unpleasant, but essential, work for the community, were ‘offered’ pay cuts of, in some cases, several thousand pounds. We have watched while you have ignored, not only the views of the workers themselves, but also the clearly expressed views of Brighton Green Party, Brighton’s Green MP and a significant number of your fellow Green councillors. We have watched while a group of workers have been forced into taking strike action against a Green Council in order to defend their livelihoods.

 We cannot watch silently any longer. Jason, you do not speak for the Green Party - neither in Brighton nor in the country as a whole. Your determination not to admit that you are wrong and your refusal to accept the democratically decided policy of your own local party are bringing the Green Party into disrepute everywhere.

 We support the strikers and their unions and we stand in solidarity with them, with Caroline Lucas MP, and the nine Brighton and Hove Green Group Councillors and the local party members who do not support your decisions and your attitude to this industrial dispute. Unless you are prepared - even at this late moment - to change course, we believe the best thing that you can do for our Party is to resign.

Yours sincerely,

Romayne Phoenix Lewisham GP
Doug Rouxel Stafford and Stone GP
Pete Murry Brent GP
Sue Tibbles Oxford GP
Malcolm Bailey Luton & Bedfordshire GP
Jane Susanna Ennis Camden GP
Lynton North  West Devon GP
Jake Welsh Preston GP
Roy Sandison Rugby GP
Keith Baker Scotland
Mike Shaughnessy Haringey GP
Martin Francis Brent GP
Derek Oakley
Ben Bradley Birmingham GP
Dominik Leeson Merton GP
Simon Hales Derbyshire GP

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