Saturday, 27 July 2013

Balcombe oil drill protesters arrested

10:47am Jul 27
OK guys so myself, Justin and many others was arrested yesterday along with others in Balcombe under section 241 of the Trade Union Act and I have been bailed to appear at Crawley Magistrates Court on the 14th August. But it was worth it because the story has appeared in all major newspapers and the television networks. This is what we're up against in Wales. I hope you will all write to the Magistrates Court for us to support us.

Balcombe oil drill protesters arrested
26 July 2013 Last updated at 19:22 BST (from

Sixteen people have been arrested as Sussex Police intervened in a protest against an oil company's plans to start drilling near a Sussex village.
Energy firm Cuadrilla wants to explore for oil near Balcombe, near Haywards Heath.
Protesters who fear the firm could also carry out hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, blockaded the site to prevent lorries from entering it. Cuadrilla said any further activity on its part would need fresh permission.

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Elizabeth said...

Arrests made under Section 241 of Trade Union law are, I believe, wrongful arrest by the Sussex Police.
Section 241 states one must be intimidating a worker - to try and stop them working. I understand those arrested to have been trying to stop the VEHICLES entering, it was not a protest designed to stop the individual lorry drivers from work - such as would be the case in a Trade Union dispute. I am sure the lorry drivers would not have lost wages if they had been held up whilst entering the site, or even unable to do so. Anyway, that could help in defence, and thank you to anyone who has been willing to be arrested over this.