Saturday, 14 December 2013

GPTU sends solidarity to Laura Bannister,

GPTU sends solidarity to Laura Bannister,
"A Manchester Green Party member and a European election candidate for the North West Green Party was arrested this morning at the Barton Moss anti-fracking demonstration in Salford. Laura Bannister, 28, lives in Whalley Range and works in mental health in Greater Manchester. She is being held at Swinton police station.
Laura said:”Along with other local Green Party members and activists I’ve been spending time at the Barton Moss protest camp in the last few weeks. Fracking won’t bring down energy prices or create many jobs, but investment in home insulation and renewable energy would. Fracking has significant potential to pollute the air and contaminate our water supplies, and it is certain to contribute to climate change. Fracking is therefore pointless and harmful. We don’t need it and we don’t want it – there are much better solutions to our energy crisis.”
Acknowledgements to Charles Gate

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