Thursday, 3 April 2014


Unions Together
We've all heard the hype, but what is the truth about UKIP? They're like the Tories BUT WORSE. Want job security? Take a pay cut. UKIP think job security is a luxury you should pay for with lower wages.
Maternity pay! Who needs it? UKIP would scrap the right to maternity leave for women working for small businesses. Our NHS up for sale to the highest bidder. UKIP would auction the whole of our NHS off to private companies, from ambulances to hospital wards. Taxes cut for the richest, taxes raised for the rest. UKIP would introduce a flat rate of tax, raising taxes for the poorest tax-payers, while the rich would pay much less.
Paid holiday? Scrapped. UKIP would scrap your legal right to four weeks' paid holiday. So now you know the truth about UKIP. Let's stand together and stop them.

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