Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A model for taking ecosocialism seriously ?

JOINT PRESS CONFERENCE & CAMPAIGN LAUNCH The above parties are pleased to announced that they have decided to work together across the Wigan Borough area at the forthcoming local elections on 6th May, to field a full slate of commonly supported, Left of Labour, anti-austerity candidates in all 25 council wards. Also, if elected to work together on the Council, as well in our communities around all those issues we agree on, as far as this may be possible. It is hoped that the 25 candidates from all four parties will be able to be there, as also the two Green & one Left Unity - Trade Unionists & Socialists parliamentary candidate standing in the Wigan area. Speakers: Will Patterson (Green Party parliamentary candidate for Wigan) Stephen Hall (Left Unity - Trade Unionists & Socialists parliamentary candidate for Leigh) Michael Moulding (Leader, Community Action Party & council candidate Ashton Ward) Shari Holden (TBC - TUSC Against Cuts council candidate Standish & Langtree Ward) 

acknowledgements to Nicole Haydock 

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