Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Campaign against Climate Change update

We hope you've had some relaxation over the summer! There's a lot of climate action coming up so do excuse the length of this email.

Parliament has returned in a turmoil of political uncertainty around climate change (and much else). The troubled Hinkley C might be dropped like a hot potato (but what would take its place?); a decision on Heathrow is expected in October; no one yet knows what Brexit means (apart from 'Brexit means Brexit'); the Labour leadership contest is ongoing; and pressure is increasing on Theresa May to state just when the UK will ratify the Paris climate deal.
So here are some of the events coming this autumn: watch this space for more updates! Plus some new resources on our website we hope you'll find useful.

Speak Up on Climate Change 8-16 October
First, we hope you've heard about the Speak Up week of action being organised by the Climate Coalition, with people joining together around the country to lobby their MP on climate change in some creative events. There's so much uncertainty and political pressure at the moment, MPs really need to hear from their constituents that climate change should be at the top of the agenda. Local lobby events are a great way of showing that climate change is not a niche issue, by bringing together a group of people from different backgrounds.

And that means all MPs, whether they are a cabinet minister or an opposition backbencher, whether they are supportive of climate action or... not so supportive.

The good news is there are lots of resources to draw on to win friends and influence even the most unpromising MP! The Climate Coalition have a guide for organisers http://weekofaction.org.uk/resources/ We've put together some advice on influencing your MP. And there will beregional advice and one-to-one guidance sessions hosted by Hope for the Future in London, Manchester, Oxford, Bedfordshire, York, Nottingham, Birmingham and Bath plus a free webinar on 29 September

Find events near you or sign up to organise one yourself here: https://weekofaction.org.uk/ (check any events you know about are listed so people can find them!)

More climate campaigning this autumn
On 1 October, with the London runway decision looming, Reclaim the Power are organising a family-friendly flashmob at a London airport, plus a family-friendly mass bike ride. Find out more on the Facebook page  and sign up on the pledge page.

(If you're wondering how the government can even be considering a massive new runway at Heathrow or Gatwick when it's already off track to meet its climate commitments, you might want to read www.campaigncc.org/newrunwaymaths)

The next day, 2 October, there will be a mass demonstration at the Conservative Party Conference. Join us to call for urgent climate action and no fracking! Climate Bloc - join and invite friends on Facebook  

Other events...

25 September: BP or Not BP 'Splashmob' at the British Museum 
18-19 October: The 'Oil and Money' conference in London (details tbc)
22 October: Drax power station protest, North Yorkshire, Biofuelwatch (details tbc)
Fracking and climate change
We've produced a new factsheet on fracking and climate - download it here.
It's also just been announced that the judicial review of the Kirby Misperton decision in North Yorkshire has been pushed back to late November - which means that the UK will remain frack-free for 2016, congratulations to all campaigners.

Trade unions and climate campaigning
The Campaign against Climate Change has a thriving trade union group, but not all climate or fracking campaigners would automatically think of local trade unions as a potential partner - find out more about how to engage them

If you're in a trade union, and would like to get involved, the next group meeting is 10 September in Sheffield, and there will also be a fringe meeting at the TUC conference - more information on www.campaigncc.org

Our changed climate: what does it look like on the climate frontline?
Climate change is still often seen largely as something that will happen in the future. While the actions we take now will have ramifications far into the future, there are many ways in which climate change is having serious effects right now. While there's no shortage of information about these impacts - from melting ice to drought, from wildfires to coral reef bleaching, there didn't seem to be one resource summarising all the news stories about how climate change is already affecting our planet. So there's a new page on our website that does just that. We hope it's a useful resource - it will be kept updated, so let us know if you have any suggestions.

These are the physical impacts: what about the human impacts for those living on the frontline of climate change? While it may have been covered very little in the mainstream media, there has been a severe food crisis in Southern and Eastern Africa, caused by El Nino and climate change. The acute food shortages triggered by drought have put tens of millions in need of food aid, with over a million children suffering severe acute malnutrition. There is an urgent need for financial help to ensure seeds to plant and keep healthy until the next harvest. But there is no quick solution to the way climate change is pulling apart rainfall patterns: bringing more droughts, more floods. It's vital that the voices of those on the frontline are heard. Here are some of their stories
Finally, do get in touch if you have any questions - or updates about other campaign events we might not know about.

Thanks again for all your support!
Claire and all at Campaign against Climate Change

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