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Hi Flotsam & Jetsam
with Rising Tide UK's latest 3 announcements for your delectation.

1. #StayGrounded Day of Action against airport expansion @ Heathrow Airport
THIS Saturday 1st October 2016
Heathrow Airport
Meeting at 12 noon.  See below for bloc locations.

As part of a wave of anti-airport actions happening around the planet, including La Zad (France), Atenco (Mexico), Vienna and Istanbul, RtP is organising a day of action at Heathrow Airport and Rising Tide UK wil be there too. According to that scurrilous rag The Times, on 18th October the UK government is due to announce at which London airport it plans to build a new runway and drown any chance of reaching its own inadequate climate targets. There will be two blocs:
BLOC A - a family friendly creative action 
This will inside a publicly accessible Heathrow airport building. The more you can look like a regular traveller, the more you can integrate into the crowd, and the less likely you are to be spotted by security! Watch out for the people waving red hankerchiefs, giving the visual cues for precise timings.

Meeting time:   Arrive between 12pm and 1pm (we will be gone by 1pm)
Meeting location:   Car park of Hatton Cross tube station (Piccadilly Line) to collect a prop and further instructions for where to go next.

What you will be doing:  Act 1 - The Die-In - hundreds of us will lie down on the floor at exactly the same time, representing the 300,000+ people who are already dying each year from climate change related causes.  Act 2 - The Frequent Flyer High Polluters Club : Fast Track Check-in desk - a few people will act like the minority of wealthy frequent flyers, who take most of the flights and are driving the ‘need’ for aviation expansion in the UK.

What to bring: Dress as normal as possible, looking like any other flight customer, maybe bring luggage!  If you want to be a frequent flyer, you
will need to dress smartly, looking like the high earning 'binge' flyers with second homes abroad, who fly the most, without consideration for anyone else.

BLOC B - a critical mass bike ride 
This will be a mass bike ride, visiting a couple of specific locations on the way, including a local immigration removal center. Simply follow the marshals in hi-vis jackets who will lead the way.

Meeting time:  Arrive at 12pm (ride will start at 12:30pm)
Meeting location:   Grow Heathrow (Vineries Close, Sipson, UB7 0JH) to collect a prop and to start the ride.

What you will be doing:   Riding in a RED convoy with hundreds of others, representing the red line that airport expansion crosses, if we want a socially just and liveable planet for all.  Wear red and bring your bike.

More information available here:
Join and share the Facebook event:

2. #AxeDrax Demonstration and Celebration, 22nd October 2016 
Drax Power Station, Near Selby, Yorkshire, near the South Gate from 1pm.
Climate justice groups and activists, including Rising Tide, Coal Action Network and Biofuelwatch will assemble for a demonstration and celebration outside  with speeches starting from 2pm.  See here for an article which explains the background to this #AxeDrax event which marks the 10th anniversary of the first Climate Camp, held at Drax and continues to inspire global activism against the root causes of climate change.  It will celebrate what climate justice activists have achieved in the intervening decade and highlight the work that still needs to be done  including forcing Drax power station to shut down! You can reminisce over those cold wet 2006 nights when the cops' helicopter flattened your tent while you were inside, or, were up a floodlight pylon inside the power station waving your Rising Tide UK flag. Ahhh those were the days!

Saturday 29th October 2016, Park View School, London N15, ROOM F6 at 3pm.
LondonRisingTide and CorporateWatch invite you discuss strategies for  anti-capitalist climate organising in the context of 'green  capitalism'. Corporate Watch published an "A-Z OF GREEN CAPITALISM", a  development of  capitalism explicitly attempting to subjugate the  natural environment and its biodiversity, relegating it to mere  trade-able commodities, thinly veiled with greenwash. Putting a price  on nature means there will inevitably be  someone willing to pay the  price to destroy it. We'll explore some key ideas involved in green  capitalism; case studies, alternatives and how to resist its  manifestations - also how cultures of climate organising in the UK have shifted in recent years. Please come laden with ideas!
That's all for now.
Love  Rising Tide UK,
  c/o LARC, 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, LONDON E1 1ES
  Tel: 07708 794665

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