Thursday, 3 November 2016


THE ECOSOCIALIST NETWORK will aim to help discussion of  Ecosocialism  The proposal for setting  it up originates from the 2016 Green Left AGM's decision  to .“support and help to launch a wider UK Ecosocialist Network”.

Green Left defines Eco socialism based on its founding statement “the Headcorn Declaration” and 2nd draft of the Ecosocialist Manifesto .GL knows that other definitions exist. Moreover many who identify as Ecosocialist, and some who don’t, choose this label, might belong to organisations which do not identify as such, or to no political organization at all. The proposal is an attempt to work constructively and co-operatively with other Ecosocialists, because human caused climate change is accelerating and threatening disastrous consequences and there is no adequate political response to it. Proposing that individuals from different organisations and none form a loose network has no preset agenda. An ES Network will develop its own one. The next step is to collect contacts who might be interested to start setting up the Network.

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