Friday, 21 April 2017

Green Capitalism

hi everyone
We’d like to invite you to participate in our upcoming symposium on
green capitalism on 8th May in London, organised by Corporate Watch,
radical academics and others.
It will be held at City University, central London: in the afternoon. We'll confirm times, rooms etc
as soon as possible.
The symposium follows the publication of Corporate Watch’s A-Z of Green
Capitalism, which can be downloaded for free:
Please note: the event will be wheelchair accessible, there are
accessible loos close to the rooms and if anyone has specific access
requests they can contact the organisers who will try to make things
work for them.
Let us know if you can make it. Feel free to invite people.
More on the content:
What are proposed as solutions to climate and broader environmental
crises in the name of 'Green Capitalism' actually further contribute to
these crises because they rely on the logic of commodification of nature
rather than its protection. A 'Green Capitalism' is a contradiction in
terms, but a very powerful ideological tool. Understanding the myth of
green capitalism arms us with arguments against it, as well as for a
real ecologically sustainable future.
Rather than a traditional academic format we want to bring together
those with similar perspectives and collectively develop our
understanding of current trends in green capitalism, both in terms of
policy developments and the more philosophical ideas underpinning these,
and discuss ways of opposing capitalist solutions to ecological issues.

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