Wednesday, 18 July 2018

The Windrush Scandal is Not Over Yet

The Windrush Scandal is Not Over Yet
The government response to the scandal over the treatment of immigrants from the Caribbean has been a shambles. Our last branch meeting agreed to continue the campaign in the labour movement.
Our delegate to Ealing Trade Union Council moved the following motion which was passed and it was agreed to send it the Greater London Association of Trades Councils (GLATC). Elthorne Branch Labour Party (part of Ealing Southall CLP) also discussed  the same resolution but added calling for the repeal of the 2014 Immigration Act. If you could raise the matter in any local forum, it would be very useful.
A special issue of the Caribbean Labour Solidarity bulletin dealing with the issue can be downloaded here...
Resolution of Ealing TUC:
As part of the growing racist atmosphere, we note the recent increase in deportations, particularly of retired people from the Caribbean. We shall support and encourage campaigns against deportations both at a local and national level, working where possible with other trade unions trades councils and the TUC. We welcome the initiative from Caribbean Labour Solidarity to initiate such a campaign in London.

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