Sunday, 16 December 2018

Reinstate Paul Jonson!

Reinstate Paul Jonson!

Defend trade unionists’ right to free speech! Defend employment rights!
Paul Jonson, a community safety officer in Dudley and a member of Unison, has been suspended by his employer, Dudley Council.
According to a report in the local press, Paul was suspended by Dudley Council for a Facebook post stating “Stand up for Palestine – Israel is a racist endeavour”.
Paul is a long-standing anti-racist activist and campaigner against antisemitism and all forms of racism. He is also an active campaigner for Palestinian rights.
Whatever one’s views on Israel or the nature of the Israeli state and its founding, there is nothing antisemitic about this statement.
Paul’s suspension is an attack on every trade unionist’s right to engage in political and human rights’ campaigns outside work; it is an attack on employees’ right to freedom speech and specifically an attack on the right to campaign over Palestinian rights.
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