Saturday, 23 January 2010

Green Left and Socialist Resistance: seminar studying the causes of the Palestine conflict 16/1/2010,

Video clips
1) Introduction to the Opening Plenary
2) Gilbert Achcar  at the Opening Plenary
3)Joel Kovel at the Opening Plenary
4)Ghada Karmi at the Opening Plenary
5) Questions and discussion at the opening plenary
6) Replies from the Plenary Panel (part1)
7)  Replies from the Plenary Panel (part2)
8) Workshop on land & water
9) Workshop on land & water Questions and discussion (part1)
10) Workshop on land & water Questions and discussion (part2)
11) Workshop on ecological catastrophe in Palestine (part1)
12) Workshop on ecological catastrophe in Palestine (part2)
13) Closing plenary (part1)
14) Closing plenary (part1)

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