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"A Patriot for Me “ by John Osborne Followed by The State of the Queer Nation - with Peter Tatchell

"A Patriot for Me “ by John Osborne Followed by The State of the Queer Nation - with Peter Tatchell

The New Players Theatre Thursday 30 October 2008 7.30pm:

Ticket price includes admission to both events.

In the post-performance Q and A, gay human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell discusses the issues raised in John Osborne's acclaimed play, A Patriot for Me.

He offers a perspective on the cultural changessince the play was written, and the still unequal status of LGBT people in contemporary Britain.

This new version of A Patriot For Me by John Osborne is directed by David Harris.

It is set in the 1900s. Alfred Redl is an exemplary Austro-Hungarian soldier, working up through the ranks to Colonel whilst battling with his homosexuality. His struggle takes him on a riveting journey, through turbulent relationships, drag balls and espionage.

First performed in 1965, this play met huge opposition from the chief censor, Lord Chamberlain, who only allowed it to be performed to membership club audiences. It went on to win The Evening Standard Best Play of The Year and crossed new boundaries in the representation of gay lives and loves.

Peter Tatchell praises the huge gains in equal rights for LGBT people over the last decade, but identifies key areas of discrimination that remain to be rectified. He is the Green Party's parliamentary candidate for Oxford East, began campaigning for queer freedom in 1969, aged 17. Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, Sylvia Pankurst, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, he adapted their direct action methods and invented a few of his own.

The New Players Theatre The Arches¨Villiers Street¨London¨WC2N
Box Office: 020 7478 0135
Tickets: £20, £15 (concs) &a; £12.50 for 10+

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