Wednesday 21 September 2022


 Committee 2022/23

a. Co-Chairs Danny McNamara and Beccy Sawbridge

b. Deputy Chairs Jay Ginn and Roy Sandison

c.  Co-Secretaries Peter Murry and Martin Francis

d. Treasurer Dave Taylor

e.  Membership Malcolm Bailey

f.    Publications Committee Peter Murry, Martin Francis, Dave Taylor, Erwin Shaeffer, Jay Ginn

g. Press & Publicity Committee Danny McNamara, Peter Murry, Mike Shaughnessy, Roy Sandison,  Martin Francis

h.  International Officer Erwin Shaeffer, 

i.    Trade Union Liaison Beccy Sawbridge

j.    Youth and Student Officer Skye Pepier

k.   Delegate to PAAA 

l.     Equalities Officer 

m.        Regional Officers LONDON: Mike Shaughnessy, 

WEST MIDLANDS Roy Sandison, 

SOUTH WEST Dave Taylor to be asked. 

SOUTH EAST Sue Tibbles

n. Regional Contacts Coordinator Roy Sandison

o. Elections Coordinator Sue Tibbles


p. Conference Coordinator Martin Francis, Sue Tibbles

q.Facebook Admins and Moderators Martin Francis, Mike Shaughnessy, Roy Sandison, Peter Murry, Erwin Schaeffer and Beccy Sawbridge. Invite other GL members to apply with a view to better gender balance.

 l. Admins for blog, website and other social

m. Another Europe Is Possible Erwin Schaeffer

GREEN LEFT CONSTITUTION (adopted at GL AGM 27/10/2007)

1. The Green Left (hereinafter GL), is a group open to members of the
. Green Party of England & Wales , (hereinafter GPEW), who share its aims and those outlined in the Ecosocialist Manifesto, Paris 2001.

The aims of GL shall be to develop and advocate eco-socialist and anti-capitalist policies within GPEW and the Green movement, Trades Unions and the labour movement nationally, internationally, locally and regionally.

It shall do this by putting forward policy and campaign proposals to GPEW, the general public, the Green movement, Trades Unions and the labour movement nationally, internationally, locally and regionally.

It shall campaign on behalf of its aims by participating in Trades Union and other political and cultural events and by drafting and distributing appropriate publicity materials.

GL shall encourage Trades Unions, individuals and other appropriate and ethical organisations to give financial and other support to GPEW and shall encourage Trades Unions (at Branch, local regional or national level) to affiliate to GPEW. The actual mechanics of affiliation shall be dealt with by the Trades Union Liaison sub-committee of GPEX.

Membership of GL shall be open to any current members of GPEW. who share the aims and objectives of GL The usual method of joining will be payment of a subscription as agreed by the GL Steering Committee.

The GL Steering Committee shall comprise  Co-conveners, Secretary, Membership Secretary and  Treasurer, TU Liaison Officer. Other Committee posts may be created by the Committee as necessary subject to ratification by a meeting of GL.

The Committee shall normally be elected at the AGM.
The Annual general Meeting (AGM) of GL shall normally take place annually and be open to all GL members
Ordinary meetings of GL shall be open to all GL members
Extra Ordinary General Meetings can be called by petition of 25% of GL members or 10 GL members (whichever is the larger). EGMs can consider and enact motions to re-elect the Committee.
Steering Committee meetings shall take place if necessary between other meetings; usually they shall be open to all GL members
Where possible an Ordinary meeting of GL shall be held at GPEW National Conference, this may be additional to the normal schedule of Ordinary meetings of GL.

Decisions at GL meetings shall be by majority vote where necessary. Contentious or tied issues may be decided by a poll of all GL members

Committee members may take decisions or communicate on behalf of GL between Ordinary meetings of GL on matters that arise during these times, their decisions and communications shall be subject to ratification by a meeting of GL.
GL shall raise funds on its own behalf or for GPEW for campaigns in line with GL aims.

GL shall open a bank account to keep its funds which shall be spent in pursuance of its aims.

GL shall encourage the formation of local GL groups and or GL groups based on membership of a particular Trade Union or workplace

9 The GL constitution maybe changed at an AGM or an EGM.

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