Sunday, 25 January 2009

GL Press Release re Heathrow runway & J.McDonnell MP

For immediate release:

The New Labour government have reneged on their commitment to combatting climate change by going ahead with the third runway at Heathrow. They have ridden roughshod over the opinion of many of their own MPs. John McDonell, the local MP, may have wielded the mace for a few moments but it was a sign of desperation, and a recognition that he wields no power in the Labour Party, far removed from its original principles.

Green Left co-convenor, Joseph Healy, said: "it's time we stretched our hand to fellow politicians with whom we agree more than disagree. We should avoid sectarianism and give people like John McDonell meaningful support. While we will have no truck with a callous Labour Party, we recognise there are individuals with honour and integrity."

" If John McDonell were to stand as an Independent at the next General Election, we would be happy to suggest to the rest of the Green Party that no candidate of ours stand against him as has indeed been agreed by the local Hillingdon Green Party".

This bold step could occur on the basis that any such independent candidate stood for meaningful action to combat climate change.

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Farid Bakht

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James said...

Surely a properly non-sectarian position would be to support John McDonnell's candidacy at the next election even if he remains in the Labour party? I would prefer him to leave too, but Green Left should recognise that parliament would be a much worse place without socialists like John McDonnell in it.