Tuesday, 9 June 2009

GPTU supports RMT strike

The Green Party Trade Union Group fully supports the call by the RMT for meaningful negotiations with tube management and the Mayor of London to prevent a tube strike starting this evening (9/6/2209). We recognise that the Union is reluctant to impose hardship on travellers in London but also recognise that when management is imposing jobs cuts and what are effectively wage cuts; the Union is justified in using industrial action.

We support Bob Crow's statement on behalf of his members that “We will not be bullied into accepting that our members should be forced to pay for an economic crisis that was cooked up by the bankers and the politicians.”

GPTU wants London to have an efficient, clean, environmentally friendly and publicly owned public transport system and this cannot be achieved by management threats and intransigence.

Go the RMT website to see their case in full (“http://www.rmt.org.uk/)

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