Friday, 28 August 2009

Climate and Capital: A seminar organised by Socialist Resistance and Green Left

Climate and Capital
Saturday 12
10.30 - 5.30, Friends Meeting House, Euston,
A seminar organised by Socialist
Resistance and Green Left

Green Left and Socialist Resistance are offering a one-third discount on their Climate and Capitalism seminar on September 12. The discount is available with the new leaflet, now online at, with advance bookings, and reduced price offer on Ian Angus' new book go to

Sessions on:
* Global Fight for Climate Justice
* The economic crisis and the ecosocialist response
* Gender, ecology and ecosocialism
* Alternatives to the market
* Alternative production
* The impact in the global south
* Direct action prefiguring a sustainable society
* Sustainable cities
* The campaign for green jobs
* Building the fightback and organising for Copenhagen
Speakers: Ian Angus, Grace Livingstone,
Raphie de Santos, Romayne Phoenix, Liam MacUaid, Helen Ward, Sean Thompson,
Sheila Malone, Derek Wall, Terry Conway, Roy Wilkes
and others...

Book now on-line for 1/3 off entry and £2 off new
book by Ian Angus on "The Global Fight for Climate Justice"

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