Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Response to Birmingham statement


This below is a very significant posting on the Socialist Unity Site – Ger Francis is basically the official spokesperson for Salma Yaqoob – what ever happens in the in the Birmingham Hall Green GP members vote – this indicates the correct message has been sent out by the Green Party. Roy

"Caroline Lucas issued a very clear call in Brighton at both the Convention and lobby for the Greens not to stand against Salma Yaqoob. I think that is a pretty remarkable thing for any party leader to do and she should be praised for it. It is indicative of a genuinely non-sectarian approach and she has been echoed in this locally by a number of prominent Greens. Knowing what I do about some of the Green Party members in Birmingham it would not surprise me if a majority in Hall Green did not share Caroline’s position. Nevertheless, whatever the outcome of events in Hall Green, the prospects of left wing politics advancing in Birmingham is enhanced by the stance the Green Party’s leadership have taken.

With local council elections taking place three years out of four, tactically building on our respective strengths might not only contribute to Salma getting elected MP, it could well result in the Green’s getting their first ever councillor elected in Birmingham. In a city where the council is dominated by a Tory/Lib Dem alliance getting ready to drive through cuts to the tune of £19 million, and where the Labour opposition is both ineffectual and discredited, we desperately need more left wing voices to capitalise on the anger and disillusionment Tory driven cuts packages will provoke."

Comment by Ger Francis — 6 October, 2009 @ 1:53 pm

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