Monday, 26 April 2010


by Paul Frost
Hello everyone,

Some of us from the East Midlands spent the weekend helping out in Norwich South and it was a very positive experience.

The estate in Norwich South where I and other Mansfield members did our canvassing is one which is still represented by only Labour and Lib Dem Councillors, but we got a very good reception and the Labour vote in particular was quite soft.  Clarke still appears to be holding onto a personal vote, but his periphery is melting away.  It is great to see whole streets where even in Lab/Lib Council wards the number of Green posters matches or exceeds that of the other two!  Outside of the "mansion zone" of Norwich we saw very few Conservative placards or posters at all in the Constituency - they appear to be concentrating on Norwich North.  We now feel sure that with the help of people from non-target constituencies Adrian can achieve a very good result here.

If you want to help out your assistance will be very welcome -

Help is needed with leafleting, admin, door knocking and more.  They are happy to put people up overnight and provide any training that's necessary.  Contact Chris Williams on 01603 611 909 or email

Paul Frost
East Midlands

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