Saturday, 22 May 2010

summary of actions agreed for developing the fight against the cuts and building for the Convention of the Left in Manchester this September (before/during Labour Conference).

Dear Convention of the Left supporter

The following is a 

I hope that this is helpful to people locally and that you are able to
circulate, publicise, participate and contribute (including financially ! -
see website for more details).

In any case, thanks for your support and looking forward to seeing you in
September - best of luck in your own anti-cuts actions locally and

John N

On behalf of Convention of the Left

1. We agree to encourage and participate fully with as many others in anti
cuts campaigning locally and nationally.

Following the positive reporting from the Labour Representation Committee
(LRC) meeting at the weekend - at which Convention supporters were welcomed
and contributed strongly:

a) In particular we agree to take up the proposal for a local anti cuts
alliance (possible title "Protest Against Cuts Together" - or PACT - could
stand for several other things!) and to take this proposal to all other
organisations we are involved with - trade union branches, community
organisations, political parties, individuals - with a view to a public
meeting to be arranged probably in the week following the budget (understood
to be June 22nd). This to include Labour members/councillors who may be
willing to fight the Tory cuts - we should pressure anyone on the left of
Labour, or even Liberal, towards anti cuts campaigning.

b) We agree to pass this proposal on to the Right to Work conference in
London on Saturday May 22nd similarly, with a view to supporting local
action(s ) on June 22nd itself (exact format to be decided in discussion
between people - possible "CSI" of the RBS was raised; that is, as Michael
Moore in his film "Capitalism: A Love Story" - on tv this weekend - where he
surrounded the bank with a police tape and tried to do citizens arrests of
bank executives; or further "pots and pans" demonstrations at the banks).

2. We agree to developing ideas and explanations about the crisis, for
publication in short leaflets, on websites, or otherwise.

a) This may include explaining the Tories strategy (pretend to examine the
books, make cuts for 2 years, then relax a little so that they can say
"happy times are here again"), the money that the banks now hold (which is
our money, and the banks are "our" banks!), the reality that the wealth
exists in society to pay for our public services (and the welfare state was
built at a time of much bigger "deficit").

b) It should also demonstrate the breadth of "cuts" - not just hospitals and
schools but also benefits and pensions, women will feel the brunt,
campaigning needs to be more community based and not just traditional places
- so that we are showing we are fighting the cuts but also why it is not
necessary to make the cuts and where the immoral money is being spent
(trident, tax evasion by the rich, banks themselves - though no longer ID
cards, third runways and detention of children in immigration centres....!)
- this is an ideological onslaught as well as a financial one, as migrants
and those seeking benefits will be blamed for the crisis and we need to
oppose this too.

c) Also we can use the economics made simple material provided by Andrew F
(LEAP) from the last Convention event in February.

3. We may want to consider the issue of proportional representation, as it
is recognised that there is much ignorance about this, especially in terms
of details of different systems, not all of which are necessarily more
democratic. This is not so immediate however.

[circulate options for information]

4. We agree to the Convention of the Left holding events before/during
Labour Party Conference in Manchester this September (also possibly fringe
at TUC beforehand, to build up for these)

This means we will have (some or more of) :

* Friday 24th Sept evening, Friends Meeting House - possible international
speakers/ rally

* Saturday 25th Sept all day, Friends Meeting House (may be able to go into
evening as well) - bring left groups and anti cuts campaigns together from
around the country, also NB aspect from other countries (eg Irish protests)

* Sunday 26th Sept - possible public activity during the day (LP members

and LRC (Labour Representation Committee) meeting in Friends Meeting House
in the evening (to be part of the overall programme for the weekend/week)

Tuesday (or Wednesday) evening, possibly in Peoples History Museum -
Question Time event (or similar, as last time) - need confirmation from
possible participants for this.

* Further planning to take place at regular Convention meetings between now
and then. (Manchester, third Monday of the month - see website for details)

* Urgent need for everyone to circulate and let people know about the dates.

* Registration availability to be on website as soon as possible.

* everyone contact their own organisations about support for this. So far
LRC, Respect, SWP have indicated their support, thank you. Everyone else to
look to their own organisations to do likewise - not just political
participation but also financial donations - either see website for donation
form or let John N know.

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