Thursday, 4 November 2010

Defend South Manchester Law Centre

Defend South Manchester Law Centre

The law centre’s judicial review of the Legal Services Commission immigration tendering process is to be heard on Monday, 8 November at the Civil Justice Centre, on Bridge Street, next to the peoples history museum.

There will be a protest outside the civil justice centre at 9:30am, before the JR hearing. The hearing is due to start at 10:30.

We would appreciate your attendance at the protest and also in the court for hearing.

So that the Judge hearing the case can see its not just about legal issues: the case is of great importance to the people of Manchester.

We look forward to seeing you there.


For more information on the campaign to keep the Law Centre open go to

South Manchester Law Centre has been providing free legal advice and representation to the Manchester community for the last 35 years.

Our expertise is in Women's rights, Immigration and Asylum Law.

The problem...
The Law Centres ability to provide these services is under threat because of a severe reduction in its funding from both Manchester City Council and the Legal Services Commission. Funding for Welfare Rights, Housing and Employment has already been withdrawn.

The Result...
As you may have guessed, the result of these cuts will be severe. The Law Centre is now faced with closure. This will mean the death of an organisation that has, for 35 years been a pillar of the community, helping the most vulnerable members of society to access advice and and protect their rights. This will leave;•NO Free court representation for employment law or benefits issues
•NO Free Asylum and Immigration advice in South Manchester
•NO Choice of providers for free advice
•NO Law Centres in Manchester
Why we need you...We now need members of the community to help us fight these cuts. We demand that Manchester City Council and the Legal Services Commission continue to fund the Law Centre to help us deliver services to the most vulnerable in YOUR community.

0161 225 5111

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