Thursday, 18 November 2010

Reply from Chairman = NO

From Darren

Here is Brian Coleman's response to the formal question I tabled at today's Fire Authority meeting, requesting an investigation into injuries to firefighters excercising their legal right to strike.

(i) Question 257 from Councillor Darren Johnson AM (Green Party):
Will the Chairman request the Commissioner undertakes a formal investigation, including an independent element, of the following > reported incidents during industrial action on 1 November:

a) firefighter hit by a car at Croydon Fire Station, and withholding
of first aid equipment;
b) FBU London representative and firefighter hit by fire engines at Southwark Fire Station

And will the Chairman ensure that the findings of such an investigation are published?

Reply from Chairman

Darren Johnson AM
 Green Party Member
 London Assembly
City Hall
Queens Walk
 London SE1 2AA
 020 7983 4388

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