Friday, 8 April 2011

Los Anos Dorados

Lambeth Green Party gives its full support to the daycentre representing the Latin American pensioners of Lambeth, Los Anos Dorados, who will be protesting outside the Lambeth Social Services Building, Phoenix House, at Vauxhall next Wednesday, April 13th from 12pm. The cuts in Lambeth, which are a combination of cuts orchestrated by the ConDem government and the local Labour council, have ravaged services for some of the most vulnerable people in the borough and have particularly hit the voluntary sector, leading to a loss of jobs and support for older people, disabled people and children. Lambeth is the centre of one of the largest Latin American communities in London and Los Anos Dorados is a vital service for Latin American pensioners in the borough. Facing social isolation and also linguistic isolation, many of these pensioners will effectively have no other services to support them if this organisation closes.

We call upon Lambeth Council and Lambeth Labour Party to stand up for these vulnerable residents and to offer real help rather than to try and stand behind soundbites and protest posters. Los Anos Dorados needs support now.”

 Joseph Healy
 Lambeth Green Party Press Officer

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