Saturday, 16 July 2011

Anne Gray: Report back from Palestine

Sorry to be so long about informing people.

Several people have been absolutely wonderful this week. It was great to have friends meet me at the airport. Many thanks to you and to those who blogged the story on Green Party sites, helped with press contacts and tracing lost luggage. Thanks also for the supportive messages from friends of friends whom I never even met, and for passing them on.

As you can imagine, since the Israeli jail story hit the news it's been a full time job keeping up with media enquiries and endless PR drafts, not to mention supporting the last few who came out of detention and flew back to Luton Weds and Thursday nights. So my apologies to anyone whose phone calls and messages I have missed or have been slow to reply to, and I hope to catch up with you in due course.

I have tried to tell the story on my personal blog, a relic of last year's election campaign which had been dormant for some time. Feel free to share this around and recommend it to media or to e-lists if you wish. It's at Lots of links there to other informative sites (although for some reason the html editing 'wizard' wouldn't permit me to click-link them properly.)

The most important people to remember in all this are not a few Brits who were detained for only a few days, but the Palestinian people themselves. Let's hope this incident creates greater awareness of the Palestinian situation and the need for peace and justice in their troubled land.

love and peace


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