Sunday, 3 July 2011

Vote in the Green Party Conference Prioratisation ballot (GP members only)

Conference Motions: The prioritisation ballot needs to be sent in as follows
Please either post the form to the convenor of SOC, James Youd, 32 Roseford Road,Cambridge, CB4 2HD to reach him no later than Friday 15th July or email it to James at, to be received by 23.59 on Friday 15th July. Prioritisation ballot forms are on page 39 of the first agenda which is available via the members website.

The GPTU Committee recommends voting for the following motions in the Prioritisation ballot: Section C (Policy Motions)
C21. One Million Jobs
C24. Removing the Special Status of the Corporation of London
C35. Industrial Policy Enabling Motion
Section D (Organisational, and other, motions)
D46. Coalition of Resistance
D48. Making the Green Party a Model Employer

It was felt that the following motions might need strengthening amendments
C21. One Million Jobs
C33. Motion Against an Immigration Cap

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