Friday, 2 March 2012


Stop the Giant's Causeway Golf Complex!

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 In our increasingly modernised world,  it's more important than ever to value our natural treasures.

Take, for example, the Giant's Causeway in Ireland. This eerily gorgeous World Heritage site has enchanted people for centuries--but now developers want to ruin it with a golf complex. So much of Ireland's natural beauty has been sullied by greed. Can't we protect the Giant's Causeway from developers?

 Situated at the very top of Northern Ireland, thousands of tourists a year visit the Giant's Causeway for the wild scenery and the mysterious hexagonal rocks. But a proposal to build a huge golf course there, along with accompanying hotel, rental cottages and lighting, has just received the go ahead. Ironically, the argument is the golf complex will attract tourists.

 Friends of the Earth and the National Trust have condemned the proposals, with FoE's Northern Ireland director likening it to "building a drive-through burger bar at the Taj Mahal". People can golf anywhere. They don't need to permanently ruin the Giant's Causeway to do so.

 Ask the environment minister not to proceed with these destructive plans. »
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