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Green Left met last week and discussed the Councillors against Cuts initiative, which we warmly welcomed. Please record our support for it. We also resolved to send a letter to Green Councillors, which is pasted bellow for your information
Peter Allen
on behalf of Green Left
Dear  Green Councillor
The Green Party has a clear position, unlike other significant political parties, of fighting against the cuts that are being imposed on public services and local communities by this right wing CONDEM Coalition. We in the Green Party recognise the absolute unfairness of the current situation and the untold misery these cuts will being onto ordinary people we represent.

The hope of many of us, that the UK could be at the fore front of the fight against increasing climate change and that we could use our positions on local authorities to promote affirmative action has also been a casualty, in the main because of the cuts.

As Green Party members we recognise in general that those with vested interests are upholding the interests of big business. Promoters of unfairness and climate damagers can only really be challenged by building a movement for environmental and social justice, especially at a time of capitalist crisis.

The attacks on local government jobs and services need to be taken board by all of us in the Green Party.The situation is rapidly approaching a point where any hoped for reforms that we wish to see in our local communities are not going to happen and, in fact, real damage will take place unless we can build a movement to defend local government.

Many Greens have been calling for a campaign to be built involving progressive people including good people in the Labour Party and we should all welcome the Councillors Against the Cuts initiative.

The Councillors Against the Cuts statement is calling for unity and says that:Most of us are Labour councillors and our campaign is sponsored by the Labour Representation Committee, but we are open to all left and labour movement councillors willing to pledge to vote against/refuse to implement cuts.
Whether you are a councillor, local government worker, other trade unionist, anti-cuts campaigner, community activist or Labour Party activist – get involved!

As fellow Green Party members, we would urge you to join the Councillors Against the Cuts growing campaign – already a number of Labour Councillors have done so and we in the Green Party need to join their ranks, with the aim to build a movement of local Councillors who can work together to protect jobs and services in our local communities.

Please contact us further, if you would like further information – but please do join!


Green Left

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