Thursday, 26 September 2013

Latin America Conference 2013

Speakers Confirmed for Latin America Conference 2013

The Latin America ‘Adelante!’ Conference 2013 will feature over 50 contributors, with speakers from Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Colombia, Honduras and Mexico plus politicians, trade unionists, Latin American experts and campaigners to include:
Owen Jones, Robin Blackburn, Salma Yaqoob, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Ann Pettifor, Ernesto Laclau, Christine Blower (NUT), Darcus Howe, Doreen Massey (Open University), Lindsey German (Stop the War Coalition), Chris Williamson MP, Alex Praca (International Trade Union Confederation), and H.E. Esther Armenteros.
They will be sharing the latest developments in the region, and  covering topics including:
Cuba – building a better world under the eye of the empire
Celebrating Chavez’s legacy – defending Venezuela’s revolution
Latin America and African Liberation – 25th Anniversary of Cuito Carnavale
Chile 40 years on – Remembering the other 9/11
See the latest flyer here: CSC_LA-conf2013

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