Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Green Left Statement On Brighton and the cuts: December 2013

Green Left members participated in a meeting organised by Brighton People's Assembly (in which many local Green Party members are active) last Sunday (30th Nov) which discussed next years council budget and alternatives to the current strategy of endless cuts

It was a well timed meeting, the draft budget proposals for 2014/15 having been published that weekend ( without the local party or even most of the Councillors having been consulted) These proposals include cuts of over £23 million, across a range of council services, and assume a further reduction in the council workforce and further outsourcing (privatisation) of provision.

Growing numbers of Green Party members in Brighton and Hove, including significant numbers of Green Councillors, are expressing the view that a third year of budget cuts cannot be tolerated and are proposing that Green Councillors should refuse to vote  for a cuts budget.

Green Left supports Green Party members in Brighton and Hove who take this view, and believes that a refusal to support a cuts budget will help to build the credibility of the Green Party as a leading force in the anti austerity movement across England and Wales , a movement which needs to grow much stronger. Such a stand will also help in the re-election of Caroline Lucas, which all Green Party members are agreed is an important priority.

Drafted by Peter Allen pp Green Left Committee

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