Sunday, 16 March 2014

'Care UK' is quite a misnomer

Alan Wheatley 15/3/2015

I've just returned home from the People's Assembly Against Austerity [PAAA] recall conference 

The conference today remembered Tony Benn and Bob Crow with a great deal of warmth. One of the issues that came up there was the strike action taken by Unison members in Doncaster who have been thrown into the privatising 'race to the bottom' clutches of a nasty company called, ironically, 'Care UK'. The Unison members involved are so incensed at the treatment that company is throwing at them and their learning disabled service users that they are going on strike yet again on Thursday 20 March
Clickable link to Community Care online mag article about this issue.
And the conference found the workers' example so inspiring that half the collection of over £1,600 went to the workers' strike fund. (That was actually my main reason for giving to the collection today.)

Anyhow, on hearing the name Care UK there, I recalled some blog pieces from Community Care magazine dating back a few years to when blogger Mike McNabb's regular 'Outside Left' blog was one of my great favourites. He wrote of Care UK in far from complimentary terms. Here are a few sample pieces. (Follow the clickable link to other clickable links.)

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