Sunday, 15 June 2014

Joint appeal from Greece Solidarity Campaign and London Syriza

Joint appeal from Greece Solidarity Campaign and London Syriza – please circulate

The Peoples’ Assembly – backed by the TUC, Unite, the teachers, campaigns to save the NHS, peace campaigners and many others - have called a national demonstration ‘No more austerity, demand the alternative’ on 21 June. The Peoples’ Assembly has over 30 000 supporters and over 100 branches across Britain. It unites all those who fight austerity in the UK   

The demonstration is being organised into sections with different themes. One of these is Europe Against Austerity. Syriza London branch and the Greece Solidarity Campaign is working with supporters of Front de Gauche, PIGS in London, Podemos and Sinistra Ecologia Liberta to make the ‘Europe Against Austerity’ block as big, lively and noisy as possible, so that this is visibly a key theme of the event. Please join us with your banners and circulate this appeal.

No one in the UK voted for austerity. In Greece the EU, World Bank and IMF are imposing austerity through dictat, in Italy they are on their third unelected president to push through austerity. Across Europe austerity is being imposed at the expense of human welfare, and social and democratic rights, and Greece shows that they are prepared to do this with ruthless force.

Our current political leaders share a vision of Europe: more work for lower wages, and cuts in spending on education, welfare, and pensions per person. Cameron and Merkel are equally clear on this. Austerity is an attack on us all. London is the home of the City, who set up the crooked loans and the mass export of debt that has precipitated the banking crisis globally. The money that flows through the City of London is from the profits made across Europe and the rest of the world.

One major theme of the June 21 march and festival is to challenge the rise of the European right and its nastier manifestations such as fascism. London and Britain is a multi-racial and multi-cultural place. The people of Britain come from every corner of the globe. Now is the time for all those who want to defend that fact, and to get the City of London off the backs of the majority of the planet, to show their strength and purpose.

So let’s stand together with all those who battle for a secure, free and peaceful future and a better Europe for all, and march in London on June 21 to demand the alternative. Bring your banners and join the Europe Against Austerity block.

Paul Mackney, Co- Chair, Greece Solidarity Campaign
Syriza London Coordinating Committee
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