Friday, 13 June 2014

Stop the War Coalition: Iraq and Ukraine

Stop the War

Crisis in Iraq

The last two days have exposed the catastrophic consequences of the War on Iraq. Incredibly, now that the Iraqi state has lost control of the cities of Mosul and Tikrit, President Obama has threatened the further use of aerial bombing in the region. A full-scale drone attack seems likely unless the anti-war movement mobilises to condemn the war talk of our leaders.

Stop the War, CND and other peace groups are organising an anti-war bloc at the No More Austerity national demonstration on the 21st. Please join and bring as many people as possible to oppose yet another military intervention in Iraq.

Chickens of western warmongering & intervention come home to roost
Lindsey German

More than a decade after the most contested military intervention of modern times, the fall of Mosul, Iraq's second largest city, to Islamic fundamentalists ISIS, underlines the disastrous consequences of the Bush-Blair war in Iraq.

As Iraq disintegrates, Barack Obama's statement that he doesn't rule out anything in dealing with the crisis, shows how little he recognises US and western responsibility for the chaos now spreading across the region.

It beggars belief that there are still voices calling for bombing or more intervention to deal with "a terrorist threat". Wasn't this one of the reasons we were given in 2003 to justify the war on Iraq? Was it ever more obvious that the "war on terror" has done nothing but increase exponentially the amount of terrorism in the world?

The Bush-Blair war on Iraq is the root cause of the instability and disintegration we are now witnessing. The "shock and awe" devastation of the country was followed by years of destructive occupation, and the continuing wilful refusal of its main architects to adopt any other course of action. This was despite vast international opposition to the war and mass resistance to the occupation by Iraqis themselves.

Sign the petition to stop UK troops in Ukraine

If you haven't already, please join John Pilger, Victoria Brittain, Mark Rylance and others by signing the petition to stop Nato military exercises in the Ukraine in July.

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