Wednesday, 1 October 2014

TTIP: public meeting Monday October 6th, 7-9pm@ The Feminist Library,

TTIP: The 'harmonization' of regulation for the benefit of corporations

Negotiated in secret and widely opposed by civil society and community groups, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) calls for the 'harmonisation' of regulations between the United States and the E.U.  Internet privacy and safety and environmental regulations in all areas are expected to be decimated if this anti-democratic re-write of common protections for workers, the environment, and the public is permitted.  Corporate interests with privileged access to the negotiating process hope to achieve technocratic control of regulatory science. To learn more come to this public discussion event:

  • Linda Kaucher - Stop TTIP!
  • Wendy Grossman - Open Rights Group
  • Hilda Palmer - Hazards Campaign      
  • Sam Lowe - Friends of the Earth                                       
Monday October 6th, 7-9pm@ The Feminist Library, 5 Westminster Bridge Rd, London SE1 7XW.  Nearest tubes: Waterloo/Lambeth North

Organized by Breaking the Frame

The BTF working group supports the  Day of Action on TTIP. For more information or to find your local action

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Hellraker said...

Please find link to the video of the TTIP Public Meeting at the Feminist Library, from Monday.

Two hour video, but very informative about regulatory harmonisation.
Good for people who like to watch videos and prefer not to read.

•Linda Kaucher – Stop TTIP!
•Wendy Grossman – Open Rights Group
•Hilda Palmer – Hazards Campaign
•Sam Lowe – Friends of the Earth