Friday, 24 April 2015

RANA PLAZA 2 YRS ON : Stand with the workers of Bangladesh

Workers and their families have still not received adequate compensation and UK high street brands are undermining efforts to improve factory safety.
To mark the anniversary we organised a walking tour of the responsible brands, through Britain’s most famous shopping area – Oxford Street. We wanted to show that behind the glossy windows – some high street brands have the power to transform the lives of the people who make the clothes we love to wear.  Yet they’ve dragged their feet.
Please share this video and stand with workers demanding safety. 

Watch the video

Bangladeshi workers are organising to demand a living wage and safety at work, yet they face frequently violent intimidation and harassment. The workers face a long road to justice – it won’t be won overnight, but when we stand together we can win.

Together we can demand accountability from an industry that is making billions in profit from exploitation.
We can ensure no one pays the ultimate price for a cheap t-shirt.
Thank you,                                                       
Owen Espley
Sweatshops Campaigner,
War on Want

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