Friday, 29 May 2015

The People's Assembly have called a Nationwide day of Action tomorrow - Saturday 30th May.

The People's Assembly have called a Nationwide day of Action tomorrow - Saturday 30th May.

In towns and cities up and down the Country. Local groups will host coordinated actions ranging from Protests, Rallies, Marches and Street meetings. This is co-ordinated action leading up to the 20 June 'End Austerity Now' national demonstration in London.

Throughout the country we will be highlighting the massive cuts to welfare, attacks on immigrants, the attempt to weaken unions, plans for more free schools and academies, plans to abolish the Human rights act and the destruction of social housing as we know it.

Action will take place in: London, Suffolk, Cambridge, Manchester, Norfolk, Bristol, Milton Keynes, Hull, Swindon, Coventry, Birmingham, Nottingham & Cardiff. More info here

Transport for 20th June Demo
Each Saturday from now until 20 June, we'll be organising stalls all across the country to spread the word and bring as many people as possible to the biggest demonstration of the year.
This weekend, we've got stalls organised all across London before we head down to the PCS Demo at the Trafalgar Square including: Angel, Wood Green, Holloway Road, Enfield, Hackney Central, Hammersmith, Kings Cross. (Not to mention, many more across the UK organised by local groups!) Come along and see here for more details.
No stall in your area? Give us a call on 020 8525 6988 and we'll help you to set one up! You can start now! Order flyers and stickers from our stall and take to the streets whenever you can.

p.s. It'll be a busy day tomorrow, with action happening all over the country and hosted by a range organisations including PCS, UK UncutNo Dash For GasBoycott Workfare and protests to save the Human Rights Act.

Urgent appeal
The 20 June demonstration is more important than ever. It needs to be massive. We urgently need to raise funds to make sure we can reach as many people as possible.

We have launched an urgent appeal to all our supporters to make a donation. The more money we raise, the more coaches we can put on, meetings we can organise, leaflets we can print, and more people we can put on the streets.
No amount is too big or too small! Click here to donate

The People's Assembly Against Austerity

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