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Greece Solidarity - special update

Greece Solidarity - special update  

Trafalgar Sq 6pmMonday 29 June

As mass demonstrations continue in Athens,tomorrow there will be an emergency solidarity protest in London, 6pm Trafalgar Square.

Marina Prentoulis, Caroline Lucas MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP and Owen Jones will be speaking.

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Last few days

June 25 - negotiators for Greece submit to debt but proposes the burden be redistributed - 70% of new taxes from richest
June 26 Creditors initially favoured this then u-turned and instead upped the payments
June 27 Greek government shocks Troika by announcing it would put the deal to the Greek people in a referendum 5 JulyRead more
June 28 Having encouraged a run on the banks, the ECB announce a cap on liquidity  - Greek banks could be forced to close next week
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Referendum 5 July

PM Tsipras "I call on you to decide whether we should accept the extortionate ultimatum that calls for strict and humiliating austerity without end." Read more

Education minister - the re-establishment of democracy in Greece. Hear interview
(R4 8:31 min in)

Drop the debt - euro petition 

42 organisations in 18 European countries have organised a european petition calling for the debt to be cancelled.

In the Uk the Greece Solidarity Campaign is working with the Jubilee Debt Campaign to get thousands of signatures. Please sign. 

Illegal, illegitimate and odious

This is the conclusion of the 1st report from the Hellenic's Parliament's Debt Truth Committee published 19 June.

The report sets out how the original debt occurred and the truth about the 'bailout'.

Read the executive sumary 

National organising meeting this Thurs 

There is a special GSC organising meeting this Thurs 2 July 6.30pm, central London venue to be confirmed.

This in addition to the ordinary national campaign meetings on third wed of each month,6pm, Unite 128 Theobalds Rd, London

All welcome 
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