Monday, 29 June 2015

Solidarity with Greece: No to Austerity - Yes to democracy

Protest: Solidarity with Greece: No to Austerity - Yes to democracy
Monday 29 June (tonight!), 6pm @ Trafalgar Square 
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The ECB is threatening to cut off funding to Greece's banks. An act of financial war against Greece intended to provoke the collapse of its banking system and prevent it from holding a referendum. All carried out by unelected technocrats with no mandate from anyone.

London-wide People's Assembly meeting - Time to organise!
Thursday 2 July, 6:30pm @ NUT HQ, Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London, WC1H 9BD
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We'd like to welcome all Londoners that support the People's Assembly - whether you volunteered, stewarded, made placards, or even just came on the 20 Junedemonstration - to come along to our London-wide gathering. We'll be thinking about how to build a huge presence in London, and sharing ideas on how to make next events as big and effective as possible.

Osborne's Emergency Budget: strike & protest 
Wednesday 8 July, from 5:30pm @ Parliament
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George Osborne will announce his emergency budget on 8 July - the second in just 4 months. He'll be announcing all the things he left out of the first one because it was just before the election. We know what to expect; more cuts, more austerity, and more attacks on the poorest in society. 

On that day strikes will also be taking place at the National Gallery, in Barnet Local Government, in Bromley Council & it's possible others will be out too. We will be staging a mass "die-in," where everyone will lie on the ground as if dead in front of Parliament to highlight the deaths caused by cuts to welfare services and benefits - especially as the government is set to announce a further 12billion in cuts to welfare. Join us there!  

The People's Assembly Against Austerity

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