Monday, 23 November 2015

Stop the War »DON'T BOMB SYRIA

David Cameron is trying to get support of all the parties for bombing Syria. There could be a vote in parliament as early as next week. It is a matter of urgency to resist this massive pressure to push the country into another savage and disastrous war. 

The UK has been bombing countries for a decade and a half, at the cost of millions of lives. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results meets Albert Einstein's definition of madness. The US has admitted that, despite having killed thousands of Isis fighters, the fundamentalist forces are now as strong as when the bombing began, demonstrating the futility of trying to bomb an ideology out of existence.

As Jeremy Corbyn has emphasised, it is vital "not to be drawn into responses that feed a cycle of violence and hate." 

National Day of Anti-war Protest

Stop the War Coalition are organising a protest against the bombing of Syria outside Downing Street from 12-2pm this Saturday 28 November. Please invite all your friends to attend this.

We are calling on all our groups to organise protests in their towns and cities on the same day. We need to resist this brutalising and dehumanising spiral of violence.

Lobby, lobby, lobby
In the last couple of days, thousands of people have lobbied their MP using our online lobbying tool, bringing the total so far to over 20,000. Put pressure on MPs not to bomb Syria and to pursue peaceful strategies instead. It takes just 1 minute to lobby your MP using this lobbying toolPLEASE SHARE FAR AND WIDE.

We also need to keep organising lobbies at MPs' constituency offices. Contact the Stop the War office on or on 020 7561 4830 to let us know of your activities and if you need any assistance.

1 December London: Public MeetingAfter the Paris Attacks: The Case against War

Stop the War is organising a public meeting against the bombing of Syria in London on 1 December

After the Paris Attacks: The Case against War 
Tuesday 1 December | 6.30pm
Conway Hall | 26 Red Lion Square | London WC1R 4R

Speakers will include:
Tariq Ali (via skype)
Salma Yaqoob
Lindsey German

Other speakers tbc. 

 Stop the War is asking all its local groups to hold meetings on this issue in the next few weeks. 

Cut war, not welfare

The old saying that "war is the health of the state" was confirmed over the weekend as the UK government has suddenly found additional 2 billion pounds which it is going to spend on a sharp increase in mass surveillance of the UK population, in addition to announcing a 12 billion pound purchase of 138 (!) fighter jets. Incidentally, the Tories are seeking to save the same amount of money (£12 billion) by introducing harsh new welfare cuts which will undermine the well-being and the security of the most vulnerable segments of the UK population.

Don't bomb Syria - URGENT APPEAL

You have generously donated to our Syria appeal in recent weeks but we need more funds to sustain and build the campaign against the bombing of Syria. We are asking our supporters to donate generously to fund our campaign against yet another foreign war.

We need the campaign against bombing Syria to be as high profile and far reaching as possible. Thousands have already lobbied their MPs from our website. As well as producing huge amounts of materials, putting on a tour of rallies and film showings and organising street protests, we urgently need your financial support so we can pay for the cost of organising new anti-war public meetings.

·         £25 pays for online lobbying of MPs for a month
·         £50 pays for the printing of 1,000 Syria briefings
·         £300 is enough to book a film screening
·         £600 pays for the booking of a large public meeting venue 
·         £1,000 buys 500 placards.

Please give generously. We stopped Cameron pushing through a vote to bomb Syria in 2013, with a strong campaign we can stop him again. Donate here.

Why we need your support

Stop the War has no wealthy backers. Since our founding in 2001, our campaigns and small office have been funded entirely by our members, supporters and affiliated organisations. We need your support. 

In the words of writer A. L. Kennedy:
Stop the War is a valuable source of information and a vital voice for peace and creative thinking in the UK and beyond. In a landscape dominated by lazy mainstream journalism, political spin and aggressively entitled commercial interests Stop the War's work is growing all the more precious.

Please help sustain our vital work opposing the UK government war policies, by becoming a member or by making a donation.
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