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Meet workers from occupied and self-managed factory in Bosnia

Subject:Meet workers from occupied and self-managed factory in Bosnia
Date:2016-02-28 19:17
From:Thomas Unterrainer <>
To:Thomas Unterrainer <>

Dear all,
As finale for the current exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary on the politics of worker self management, we are hosting a two-day event inviting all local workers, artists and activists to join. We are hosting workers and allies who occupied a detergent factory in Tuzla Bosnia and have set up a local university who are very interested in meeting local labour organisers and activists interested in self-management.

Here is the schedule of events:
3 March 3:30
Nottingham Contemporary are hosting a meet and greet for local activists and the workers from Tuzla. The workers in Tuzla are very keen to meet any trade unionists or activists active in the Midlands. Please email if you can attend.
Public event at Nottingham Contemporary at which workers and allies will describe the struggle to occupy the factory and set up a worker's university. At the event local activists will be invited to share a key word related to their struggle through a short (5 minute) presentation
Workshop on art and worker solidarity
At this event the Tuzla workers and allies will be accompanied by other people working against neoliberalisation in former Yugoslavia and worker / artist collaborations in the UK past and present. Again, everyone will be asked to participate in the discussion and bring a Key Word into the conversation. At the end of the workshop will be some time to think about how to work together as artists and workers against the current situation.
We really hope you can make these events.
You can book at the above link, or just show up (though to make sure there's enough coffee likely best to book on)

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