Wednesday, 17 August 2016

UNISON members at Portsmouth shipping company MMD Ltd have today (Wednesday) voted overwhelmingly to take industrial action over the company’s decision to impose new contracts.

MMD is wholly owned by Portsmouth City Council, and the changes include
increasing the number of shifts per week, increasing the length of shifts,
flexible start times (where the flexibility is all on the management side,
at short notice) and reduction in pay rates, overtime rates and sick pay.

The local paper (always keen to push the local Tory line) has been
softening us up for this with a series of pieces on "Isn't it incredible
how much council tax-payers money has been spent on MMD" prior to the
imposition of the new terms.  Poor business decisions by the council are no
excuse for cutting the wages of its citizens.

We now have a City Council run by the Tories (largest minority) due to UKIP
and Labour uniting to vote for a 100% Tory cabinet because they both hate
the LibDems (2nd largest minority).  Portsmouth politics is f*cking weird.

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