Saturday, 24 September 2016

Green Left welcomes Jeremy Corbyn's reelection

Jeremy Corbyn wins Labour leadership with 61.8% of vote (bbc)
Green Left welcomes Jeremy Corbyn's reelection as a step forward for Ecosocialism and calls on all left parties including the Labour Party and Green Party to form joint positions against austerity and for 1 million green jobs.


JOHN cOYNE said...

Co-operation is always a good aim.

A "joint position on jobs" is going to be difficult while Labour remains a growthist party.

Chris Keene said...

Corbyn's re-election is bad news for the Green Party. We will lose votes, council seats and members to him. This year in Norwich we lost 4 of the 5 seats we were defending and only won the other by 31 votes.